Belinda Bird

When I was pregnant with my first child I knew I would want to capture some of those moments.

I had seen some itty bitty photography around and had met Jes previously so I decided to have a chat to her about it.

When I asked Jes to do a maternity shoot for me I never dreamt that I would ever show the pictures to more than a handful of people. I’ve never been happy with photos of myself and was wary about “posing” for pictures. When I got a sneak peak from Jes I cried. I’d never seen myself the way her lens saw me. I loved all the photos and am proud to show any one of them off.

After such a great surprise with the maternity shoot I decided to go ahead with a birth story. My family are notoriously terrible at remembering to take photos and I had a feeling I would be a little preoccupied on the day to give any directions. Again, I told myself that the pictures would probably be a very private memento, shared only with a few close friends and family,. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome; Jes managed to capture the spirit of my son’s birth perfectly. Seeing the full birth story a few weeks later I was so grateful to have those moments captured forever, they added a whole new dimension to the experience that I cherish. 

I only noticed Jes once or twice during the entire labour. She really was so respectful during such a vulnerable and special time. Again I’ve surprised myself by being happy to show off my birth story. The photos make me feel so proud and strong, they are beautiful, I can’t recommend itty bitty photography highly enough.

Belinda Bird

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