Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

Why should you hire a Birth Photographer?

Did you know there is actually a scientific reason why? Read on…


I have been doing a little (maybe a lot) of research lately about what happens to the brain of a woman when she is in Labour and I am fascinated about what I am learning and am excited to say there is more then just the obvious reason to hire a Birth Photographer!

Have you heard of the Neocortex part of the brain? It is the part of the brain that is responsible for sensory perception, spatial reasoning, conscious thought and language.

Ideally during labour our brains should purely be in a primitive state, during this state, hormones are released that allow the uterus to contract, allowing your body to open and for your baby to move down and make his way out.
The neocortex should be switched off during childbirth. Any stimulation to this part of the brain during labour will release adrenaline, which will shut down the primitive part of the brain. As we know Adrenalin will slow labour down.
Keeping the lights low, avoiding loud noises and not doing lots of talking are simple ways to ensure the Neocortex part of the brain is switched off and the Primitive part is doing its thing!
So that is why so many women after giving birth are unable to remember those finer more emotional details of there birth, Because their brain is not in a state to take it all in!

Cue Birth Photographer! HEHE.

I can be there to make up for that, your role during childbirth is to focus on birthing your baby, you shouldn’t be thinking about or worrying about everything else that is going on in the room, That is my job, I will record the small details, what the room looked like, the expression on your partners face, I will encapsulate those moments for you, So you can relive your birth story, When you are ready to take it all in.
I just can not get enough of soaking up all this birthy goodness.




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