The Amazing Hypnobirth of Baby Lyla

The Amazing Hypnobirth of Baby Lyla.


The moment I met Sarah I knew that she was going to change my concept of birth entirely and that together we were going to be a force to be reckoned with in changing the face of birth in Hobart.


Sarah is a trained psychologist and Hypnobirth Practioner, I initially contacted her to network, To learn more about what it was she did and to see if she would be happy enough to exchange brochures for us to share with clients. I didn’t realize Sarah her self was about 30 weeks pregnant, We clicked instantly and before our second meeting I was booked in to photograph her birth.


During our meeting Sarah told me the birth story of her first baby, During that pregnancy she had hoped and prepared to have a Home Birth but after a long, hard labour Sarah was stuck in the second stage and was failing to make progress so the decision was made to transfer to the hospital for assistance with the delivery.


Sarah expressed to me how this time around she wanted to be able to give birth in the water at home, Sarah had been working really hard to visualize and focus on that moment, learning to really trust in her body and its ability even more so and regularly practiced Hypnobirthing Australia Techniques, That she teaches to her clients.


We kept in regular contact until her delivery day. Sarah was 41 weeks and was growing tired of waiting, I remember her saying she thought her baby might never come out, and I joked with her that clearly she had made a very comfy home in her womb for her baby.


It was a Saturday, at about 7am when I got the first message to say that things had been happening through the night but there was no need to rush, because they were anticipating a long labour like the first.


I had a full day of mini sessions booked in, and I was unsure whether to attempt to get through them or to reschedule them now incase I was to be called out, Sarah was about an hour drive from my home, So I needed to have some time up my sleeve.

A couple of hours later, Sarah messaged to say labour had stalled, but her midwife still thought it would happen today and they were going to go for a walk and get some rest in.


I decided to get through the morning sessions, And together with my clients made the decision to reschedule the afternoon ones, And good thing I did as I got the next message from Andrew – Sarah’s Husband at 3:30Ish, Calmly saying “Things are progressing nicely, if you would like to make your way out here when you can” Thankfully I was packed and ready to go, I jumped straight into the car and made the drive over the river, I had a feeling that things were going to happen a lot quicker then they had anticipated, I actually went to bed the Friday Night thinking Saturday would be the BIRTH day, Usually I get this feeling with my clients the night before, ( I always make sure my hair is washed and straightened when that feeling comes on as I know ill be called away at any moment) Of course there was a car broken down on the bridge which delayed traffic slightly, But I made it… Just…

As I arrived the second midwife arrived too, I knew that meant we were getting close to delivery.


As I entered the room ever so quietly, Doing my very best not to drop my lens cap or run into the couch, (I have a tendency to embarrass myself by drawing attention unintentionally) There was beautiful soft music playing and a gorgeous aroma burning filling the room, Sarah was in the birth pool, Her midwife gently pouring water over her back, Sarah was on all fours with her elbows up over the birth pool (which caused her a lot of pain and a very dead arm for some weeks to follow) Her husband Andrew was whispering softly positive Hypnobirthing affirmations in her ear.


As she rode through each surge, so peacefully and calmly It was hard to tell that she was even actually even in labour as I knew it, As she breathed her baby down and reached down to touch her babies head, a smile came to her face as if to say “I’m doing it” Sarah kept breathing, and the anticipation and excitement was filling the room, A smile on everyone’s face, Pride beaming from us all, we knew how much this was going to mean to Sarah, a few short moments later Sarah was catching her baby, herself in the water with her darling midwife and loving husband by her side just as she had hoped and dreamed about.


It was truly beautiful and appeared effortless, hiding behind my camera tears streamed down my face, I had only known Sarah for a short time, But I just couldn’t help be so proud of her, and feel that sense of accomplishment with her.


This moment, I will never forget and it gives me goose bumps every time I look at her images “ I did It” She cried with so much joy and love and strength and courage and power written all over her face.


Oh yes she did. She birthed her baby beautifully and it was an absolute honor to be there and capture this moment for her.

If you are interested in having a Calm, Empowering Birth, I strongly recommend you contact Sarah at and book into her next Hypnobirth Class!!

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