Fresh 48Hrs New

Fresh little bellybuttons, wrinkly new skin and teeny tiny feet, what better way to capture your new little bundle.

Capturing babies in the first 48hrs of life enables us to capture baby just as they are in the womb, fresh and perfect. Babies grow so quickly and it is not long before you forget just how little they really were.

Birth and labour photography is not for everyone but this does not mean you need to miss out on having those first precious moments captured. Our Blossom | 48hr new session is the session for you, if you would not like your birth and labour photographed.

The 48hr new sessions are photographed in the first 48 hours of your new babys life. I will come to the hospital or home and capture pure, raw and real moments for you to treasure. These moments could be siblings or grandparents meeting the new baby for the first time, a first bath, breastfeeding or simply just the two of looking into one anothers eyes. This is a lifestyle session. It is totally unposed. I use only natural or available light. I take a fly on the wall approach - you will hardly know I am there. What we do in this session, is up to you.