Karate, But Mixed with Solid Financial Advice

There should be animated movies that teach kids actual lessons. And I mean ACTUAL lessons. Everyone single one of them is teaching something useful, but also pretty generic. Be yourself! You should be free to be you! Be true to yourself! Never forget who you are! Don’t hide who you were meant to be! Follow your dreams, follow your heart, find your identity!

Like, give it a rest. I went to see Karate Koala Bear 3 with my niece, and it was totally fine (not as good as the second one, but meh), but the lesson was exactly the same. Joe the Koala struggles with who he is. He finds out who he is. Roll credits.

I’d settle for a movie where Koala Joe learns how to file his tax return, and learns to cope with the disappointment of not getting as much back as he thought. All the kids are into buyers advocates here in Melbourne…make a movie about that. There’s a wacky Kangaroo who’s just had a massive inheritance from her kangaroo grandpa, but she’s young and isn’t making any good financial decisions. She eventually learns that money doesn’t last forever, financial advisors are there to help, and property advocates exist to help you find and select high-end property.

People might say that it has ‘adult themes’, and I say that’s trash. Kids understand ownership just fine; they get that people buy and own homes. Just have it explained in simple language for the slower ones, and the movie just becomes about a kangaroo getting into hijinks. And of course, there are loads of slapstick moments and people falling over into cakes and whatnot. Might even get yourself a sponsorship from a company that does buyers advocacy here in Melbourne, or…they could work as consultants. You’re basically advertising their services for when kids grow up, so it benefits all.

Name ONE animated kids’ movie that teaches them to be careful with money. There aren’t any. But now, you have an idea.