Nice Roads + Truckers

I’ve Got to say, I’m loving streaming service ‘Bizney plus’ and all of its great classic shows. There’s some new stuff, like The Manda Librarian, a weird show about a guy from the Indian village of Manda, the only person in his entire region who knows how to read. I saw a few minutes of the first episode…he’s gathering books, has to wear a head brace that hides his face because of a deformity, and he has an illegitimate baby son who’s inherited part of his condition (giant ears). 

Not my thing. I like things that are a little more pacey. Although I’m also a total hypocrite, because they revived Nice Road Truckers and I’m geeking out like crazy. The new series has interviews with traffic engineers, Melbourne road planners, people who design car parks, and it is THE premium thing to watch when you’ve had a busy day at work. They talk about the special way that car parks are drawn up to keep the traffic moving at a brisk pace, and then it cuts to some truckers, driving down nice roads. The roads are nice because they’ve all been designed and planned by traffic engineer consultants, so there’s no real drama except when they run out of glove box snacks.

I know Bizney owns the company that makes the show, but I never imagined they’d deem that it was enough of a money-spinner to bring back, and sink budget into as well. I don’t know how traffic engineers work…maybe they were just happy to share their trade with the world. Like, most people think that the council just slaps down roads wherever they like, and then truckers drive over those roads, but there’s a lot more to it than that. There are at least…like, two steps in between then, and many hours of work. Days of work! Actually, I’m starting to think they should just make a whole show about traffic engineers and people who do green transport plans. The truckers could cameo in that show and talk about what it’s like to drive on those roads. The engineer people could cameo on Nice Road Truckers. It’d be like a cinematic universe..for roads. Bizney, I want a cut of the proceedings if this goes ahead.