Pure Oscar Bait

Great – it’s Oscars season and Yaival DuMesque is knocking it out of the park… again. The guy paints himself as some sort of arthouse director, but he still makes about six movies a year (or so it seems) and they’re all piggybacking off the success of ordinary people. And everyone keeps falling for it!

His last movie was about a painter, living an ordinary life painting walls. He was experiencing struggles in his home life, but found solace in his painting, and eventually it all worked out – it ended with him starting up a painting company in Canberra. Happy endings all around.

Then there’s DuMesque’s latest effort, which had the big premiere down in Keymore and features a humble property conveyancing specialist. Melbourne based, he’s living an ordinary life, doing paperwork and helping people to understand the section 32 vendors statement. He has struggles in his home life, he finds solace in his property conveyancing and title transfers, and eventually he solves them. He then starts a conveyancing solicitor’s office down in Melbourne somewhere that wasn’t the original place in Melbourne, and the dinner party is saved or whatever.

See what I mean? Someone needs to ask the actual property conveyancers working in Melbourne what they think of their lives essentially being plagiarised. DuMesque doesn’t actually have any ideas of his own; he just takes people’s lives, slaps a bit of sappy music over the top and calls it a day, like he has the right to people’s work. Like, ACTUAL work. But people go nuts because it’s a ‘candid depiction’ and ‘it’s like slotting into the shoes of a conveyancer’ and ‘I no long require professional title transfer assistance, as DuMesque has helped me to understand the ins and outs of the process via his cinematic genius. ‘ 

It’s Oscar-bait, people. You’re buying into it, and it’s what he wants!