That a Dog

I went to the park and I have a dog now.

Just found him in some newspaper, just a little puppy. He was all dirty and stuff, and I didn’t like seeing him like that because I get really narky when I get some dirt on my clothes. Also, ketchup. Man, I hate ketchup. Just doesn’t come out. And this little puppy was all cold and shivering and stuff, plus his fur was covered in dirt. So I took him home and gave him a bath, if only because no one should be covered in that much dirt. He seemed pretty happy to be clean. I get that.

Then I had to look up a vet because that seems pretty logical. Apparently there are vet clinics open in Moorabbin, who knew? Never had a dog, so it’s just the type of thing I never pay attention to, like how if you don’t have babies you walk right past that one aisle in the supermarket, and if you don’t need pedicures then your eyes just slide right past all those places that do your nails.

Anyway, took him to the vet. Seemed pretty normal, you know. Like, if someone found me all cold in a newspaper, I’d be wanting them to take me to the doctor to see if I have any advanced sniffles or worse. The vet said there was nothing wrong, so I walked out and I was like… ‘wait, what now?’

Hadn’t thought about it. I wanted the puppy to be clean, so I cleaned him. I thought it made sense to make sure he wasn’t diseased, so I brought him to the vet. But now I realise that I couldn’t just put him back in the newspaper. It might have blown away by the. And he’d get dirty again!

So I have a dog now, and he’s pretty cool. Apparently I need to take him for pet desexing in Moorabbin as well because that’s what you do with dogs who might make other dogs. I don’t know, that sounds okay. Never thought about dogs before, but they’re pretty tight. I could do with a few more.

Ahh, I’ll get it done anyway. I kind of like the idea of the two of us just being bros.