Too Many Hair Treatments, Probably

Slight addiction we’re dealing with here, and it’s a tricky one to deal with. So…I like getting my hair cut, because hey, who doesn’t? Talking to strangers while my hair is all weird and covered in product and I’m dressed in an unflattering poncho thing gives me life.

Actually, I just really like multiple OTHER parts of the process. The snip-snip of the scissors in my ear, the feeling that you’re going to get up from that chair and feel great, like a weight is off your mind…and I don’t know, maybe I’m just kinda lonely. Hairdressers always seem to have a lot going on in their lives and they’re happy to tell you about it. I have nothing going on in my life, and I’m happy to listen.

The problems with this are twofold: firstly, out of all the hair stylists available near Melbourne, I’ve been through pretty much all of them. When you go almost daily and you try to pick a different one each time, that’s just how it goes. I just get paranoid that they’re going to think there’s something wrong with me, as opposed to the terrible truth that there’s something wrong with me. Like…why is she in here again, for the fourth day in a row? That’s what they’d think, and fair enough, plus my old local hairdresser Freya had to deal with that and it didn’t go well. She’d run out of stories by the third hair appointment of the week and then she’d start asking about MY life, and that wouldn’t even do us half a session.

And of course, the second big problem is that my hair just doesn’t grow long enough for daily cutting. I try to get more stuff done- colouring, perms and whatever else- but by the end of the week my hair is this stiff, brittle mess and I need to give it a day soaking in essential oils to recover.

Probably should see someone about this. Like…a professional. Ooh, like a hair stylist! Melbourne is an untapped market for me, in fact. So many stylists and treatments left to discover!