Hi! My name’s Hazel Shelloworth. I’m a photographer by trade, a biologist by training, and a traveller by lifestyle.

Since early childhood, I’ve been fascinated by natural world – particularly those aspects of it to be found below eye level. I have clear memories of lying on my belly on a sunny patch of grass, gazing intently between the blades and marvelling at the diversity of forms and activity to be found there. It felt like dropping into a magical world in which I was a giantess.

Even now, this intricate world of the miniature is deeply enchanting to me, and informs my approach to macro photography. My aim is to share the beauty to be found in those elements of our environment that our eyes too easily miss in our proportionally adapted world. Extending beyond the natural world to include artefacts of humanity, my vision encompasses the beauty to be found in everything from chipped ceramics to cuff links. 

I offer my photographic services for documenting weddings, births and other events at which love-filled details are abundant. In capturing these for my clients, I provide them with an immersive take on their special day that truly evokes the feeling of ‘being there’. My photos serve to stimulate the memory, rather than replace the need for it. 

For me, photography is not a stand-in for presence and immediacy, but supplements these by creating reference points for recalling the depth and beauty of important experiences. I hope my work inspires people to look closer at the material world that we’re so lucky to inhabit. 

Please get in touch with me to request my portfolio and find out more about what I can do for you.