I provide a number of professional photographic services, specialising in bringing my unique, macro-based vision to documenting events and milestones in the lives of people just like you. Some of these services include:

Itty Bitty Wedding Photography

This is not your ordinary wedding photography, and many clients consider this a service supplementary to that provided by a traditional wedding photographer. My goal is to capture the small details of your special day, which may otherwise go undocumented. Think glass beads from your grandmother’s wedding gown, lovingly transferred onto your embroidered headpiece. Think the buttons on the groom’s suit, sourced on that trip to Morocco when he first realised he wanted to propose. Think handcrafted chocolate name cards adorned with crystallised violets. It’s in small, deeply personal details such as these the unique expression of your love come to inhabit your wedding.

Itty Bitty Event Photography

My approach to documenting events is about building up an immersive picture of what it was like to be there. Starting from the smallest details – the brass of a pot, the wood grain of a violin, the weave of the fabric on a gown or suit – I tie seemingly disparate elements together to create a breathtaking, multi-sensory image of the whole.

Itty Bitty Birth Photography

I have the expertise and sensitivity to commemorate your family’s new arrival in a unique and beautiful way. As an experienced birth photographer, I’m skilled in capturing beautiful moments while you’re immersed in them.

“I completely forgot that Hazel was in the room, but after seeing the photos, I’m so glad she was.” – Martha