Frosted Glass No Problem

‘What famous piece of literature could be improved with modern technology?’

Interesting. When I signed up for this literature course I just thought we’d be analysing the central themes of Wondering Heights, or something. It counts towards my overall credit, even though it doesn’t have much to do with my major. I just like books, I guess. Still, I don’t mind a good bit of thinking.

So…let’s think about this. Speaking of Wondering Heights, get some window tinting in there. I’m serious. Not the weak stuff you’d get on your car either; slap some stylish commercial office window tinting over those. That’d stop the wailing spirit of Cathy from being such a pest, banging on the windows and demanding to be let in because it’s so cold. She’d probably go to each window, see that they’re all tinted and just fade away into the ether because she doesn’t have a clue which room is which.

Oh, and Romeo and Juliet. Get some window tinting in there, so at least some frosted window glass. So we’ve got Juliet just idly looking out of her window when she sees this young troublemaker hanging out under her balcony because he saw her at a party once and became totally obsessed. Cover the Capulet mansion in frosted window glass, Romeo just has to give up, go home and think about his attachment issues. No one ends up dying. If Romeo wants to actually have a proper talk to Juliet, he does it in a public place where there are proper boundaries. They develop a proper relationship based on mutual affection, knowledge of each other’s personalities and preferences and general respect, instead of it all being cloak and dagger, and sweet words uttered underneath a balcony.

There you go. Both commercial tinted glass and a bit of decorative window glass could go a long way. That’s two books, one major innovation, I’ll have my high distinction now, please.