My Kingdom for Some Office Parking Spaces

Parking: is there a greater scourge? I’m gonna say no. Just spent two hours driving around my friends birthday party venue, only to finally give up and just go home. I have no time for endless hunts for something you only sit your car in for a short time anyway. Gah, I thought they were improving the infrastructure around here! The train isn’t even a good way for me to get into the office, but I’m still considering it because parking is a nightmare around here. Now the boss is talking about getting a Melbourne based office interior designer in, which makes me wonder if they can just spare a few minutes to paint us a few car parking spaces. Just a dash, that’d be all it took to reserve us a few. That fancy clothing company across the way hogs all of them, and it’s WAY more than they need. Everyone hates them for it. So if we’re getting office fitouts, it stands to reason that this would be the place for them to think about the parking situation as well. This is something that dictates how your employees get to work, and how much time they spend each day finding a space that seems to get progressively further away despite Faye saying that it’s all free right behind the office even though that street is NOT free, and Faye now needs to pay for my parking ticket. Horrible signage as well.

I need to submit this idea pronto. It’s not like we’re a tiny office of six people; there’s almost a hundred of us and we NEED dedicated parking. The whole reason we’re getting commerical fitouts in the first place is because our business is doing well. Nobody else is talking about the parking situation, so…it falls to me. We get some good quality Melbourne office designers in to do their thing on the inside. And then we talk to some nice Melbourne council planning people and steal back some spaces. They’re right outside our building…they should be ours anyway.