We Could’ve Been Pirates

I wonder if my tutor will give me extra credit just for being unpredictable? Certainly it’ll make them look twice at my essay, which is…maybe not the best thing? But still, I hope they’re take a second glance for a reason and respect my bold choices.

That’s pretty much essential, because there’s not going to be anything else of value in there. I missed half of the lectures, slept through the other half, and only showed up to the tutorials because attendance was being taken. So now I’m supposed to write an essay about why the golden age of piracy came to an end. I could cobble together something from the internet, OR…I could write my own opinion piece on why glass balustrading, or the lack thereof, caused the age of piracy to come crashing down. Now, hear me out on this one. One thing pirate ships did not have was elegant glass balustrading. They had to climb up to the crow’s nest every time they needed to get up there, and on a ship with buffeting winds and all that tilting caused by waves, that can’t have been easy. Steadily, throughout the years, this frustration built up until nobody wanted to sail any more. If only they’d built some balustrading leading to the crow’s nest…all that frustration could’ve been saved.

But not just that. I’ve seen films, and people are falling off the side of the boat all the time. Why didn’t they just get a commercial glazier to surround their ships with a glass barrier? Not only would that improve the look of the ship, but it would make everything safer. But they never tried it, and the age of piracy was sadly doomed. What fools!

…d’you think I can get away with it?