Why Can’t We Just MOVE House?

I’m somewhat disillusioned that conveyancers aren’t actually able to convey an entire building from one place to another. Just don’t feel like that’d be too much to ask. It’s 2018, and they make aircraft carriers to carry very large aircraft that are of a comparable weight to houses, so why not?? Honestly, the fact that homes are now being built without the capacity to be moved from one place to another is outrageous. Fully outrageous.

Okay, so, conveyancers aren’t really what i thought they were. Builders don’t seem to understand the concept of a mobile mansion. Though I’m still quite fond of buyers advocates. Melbourne homes have only gotten more expensive over the years, so my solution is not only practical but will save me a fortune. I did mention that they could add ‘mobile’ to the list when they were looking for our home after we moved here, but that was a few years ago, when mankind had more of an excuse to not build homes that can be loaded into the back of trucks, or possibly several trucks. No, buyers advocates get my approval. I think it’s because of their line of work being so simple. They don’t promise the world, or a wide array of services they can’t provide. We chatted about what we wanted, they found it, we had another chat about what they found, and the coffee was really good.

We were coming from Brisbane, and while the weather was quite a bit to get used to, Melbourne coffee was everything we were told and more. You just can’t get that level of goodness from a machine, or heaven forbid, a jar.

I have high standards for two things: coffee and houses. Actually, more than that, but those were on my mind in moving to Melbourne. Property advocates here didn’t let me down, so far. Just wish that the housing sector would start to realise that high-end property that can be picked up and moved to the beach is a big market waiting to be cracked.