Drain Repair Queen

It looks like the weather being cold is causing more problems than people know how to handle. The middle of the day is generally okay, but it’s when the temperature drops below 18 or so that folks just can’t handle it. Really, having been in Melbourne recently I can’t empathise.

As you might have heard, we had our coldest morning in 103 years recently. All that freezing isn’t good for infrastructure designed to deal with constant heat. For example, our pipes have ruptured, probably because of all the constant frosting and thawing. We’ve been having trouble with pressure, and a few leakages here and there. Naturally, Dad has to call in a drain repair specialist, who can’t come until Friday. I suppose we’ll just have to last until then.

See, here’s something I can’t just Google and fix using a bit of detergent. I suppose there are certain house problems that need more than some glue and tape. Although, speaking of which…

There…I might have made our problem a bit more bearable! Our drains are in need of repair, because of a few breakages in the pipe. I can’t get to all of them, but a few of the worst have been under the sink and in the bathroom. All I did was open up the cupboards, get out the old duct tape and seal them up as best as I could. It’s not a permanent fix, but it’s definitely a start.

So I really could be a drain repair pro. I mean, I already have the drain cleaning under my belt. Now I can fix the drains. Next thing you know, I’ll be under that cupboard with a spanner behind my ear, replacing the pipes with a practiced hand. Maybe we don’t even need help with the blocked drain. Melbourne is going to be pretty dry for the next few weeks, I don’t think it’ll be too much of problem…

On second thoughts, maybe we do. I really can’t stand the thought of spending even more time under the sink, and I’m sure if I did it would come to a point where I broke something and got completely drenched. Sometimes leaving things to the professionals is best.