Playing and Training All in One

Now, indoor play centres…these are something that would please the ancestors. I remember back when our family lived in our Castle, and we had something rather similar to an indoor play centre for the use of our children. The only difference was that it wasn’t for play; it was to get them used to different environments so that they’d become well rounded and efficient student. Also, physical exercise. It was, come to think of it, one of the few activities I truly enjoyed as a young boy, and the fun was tolerated by the elders. We were learning. Also, a great deal of pent up aggression is instilled in you when you are taught from birth to strike from the shadows, so perhaps an outlet for constructive play was a good call.

Now, here in this place of Croydon, indoor play centres are plentiful and bear many of the same characteristics. Tunnels to simulate dark, close environments. Climbing frames, to instill physical fitness, wall scaling ability and quick escape methods. Ball pits, to teach young kids about uncertain terrain, and how to maintain the grace and swiftness even when the very ground beneath your feet becomes an enemy.

Also…coffee. Father need a break as well. As the wise sage Grandpa once said, “Chill out and have some tea, for real.”

Thus, the family tolerates our young ones being taken to indoor play centres for ‘fun’, as they serve the dual purpose of developing physical and martial skills.

Of course, the issue of birthday parties is still hotly debated. Allowing the children of the family to go to a birthday party venue. Croydon is a highly irregular area if you ask me. Birthdays are usually solemn ceremonies to mark the passing of a year, as well as the next step on the eternal journey towards maturity. To spend them in revelry, eating cake at a party venue? The benefits to shinobi life are not immediately apparent…