Fairy Tale Videos

For my entry into the upcoming film festival, I’m creating a unique spin on some classic fairy tales. So, you know how in the story of Green Riding Hood, Little Green gets lured to the house of her grandmother by a shady wolf, only for him to attempt to eat her? Well, what if Little Green was actually planning on eating the wolf? She goes along with his sneaky plans but has already worked out the truth. She brings a tire iron with her, and uses it to beat up the wolf, then turns him into wolf stakes, which she shares with her grandmother. That’s just the first of my short films, which is currently with a video production company close to Melbourne for post-production work.

The second film is a new take on Gold Locks. This one will be an animation. It follows the story of Goldy, a young thief who lockpicks her way into the home of three bears. She eats all their cereal, breaks their chairs and has a nap in the youngest bear’s bed. Meanwhile, the three bears are out for a picnic by the river. When they get back, they see the broken padlock at the front of their house and decide to set the building on fire, fearing a monster within. Goldy does not escape. That one is with a professional video animation company and should be finished by the time the film festival comes around.

The last fairy tale film I’ll be submitting is actually one I made up myself. It’s about Nicolas, the pug who falls into a witch’s lunch cauldron and gets genetically combined with an owl. Now Nicolas has owl wings, which is cool, but everyone makes fun of him for looking weird. Eventually, Nicolas gets sick of it and finds a stick. He gets the witch to enchant the stick so that it goes boom and fires projectiles. Nobody makes fun of Nicolas after that.

Make sure you get to the film festival to check out my unique spins on some fairy tales!