Building A Tunnel

l have to be very stealth about where I am. I can’t take the risk that my boss will read this blog post and find me. I’m running and writing this at the same time right now… I’m not quite sure how. I thought that the next time I updated you guys I would be safe and hidden in the hardware store. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. I’m currently hiding in an undisclosed area. I lost my boss a while back, even though I’m not quite sure how because he was on my tail one minute and then when I looked back he was gone. It seemed a bit surreal if I’m being honest.

I’m plotting how I’m going to get to the hardware store. I think I’m going to have to build a path directly to the store. Luckily when I realised what I needed and I looked down it was all there. Hundreds of building supplies in Cheltenham had just magically appeared. Is Cheltenham a magical place or does stuff always show up when people need it and this is just the first time it’s happened to me? It’s hard to tell. 

But yes, I’ve decided I’m going to dig underneath where I am and build a tunnel to the hardware store. It won’t be hard, especially with so many things going my way at the moment. The only thing that hasn’t gone my way is that I’m still in the nightmare of being chased by my boss, although my boss is nowhere to be seen. Maybe he is hiding in the hardware store near Bentleigh waiting for me… surely not. That would be a disaster. It would mean that I was building this tunnel just to send myself to the grave. No. I can’t think like that. If I do then I’m never getting out of this nightmare.

To be continued… hopefully.