Jono, Filing Master

Sometimes television shows tackle bold new territories than no-one else would dare to touch, which is how we got that one about the girl who painted homes from a living, ‘Kitty-Paint-Splash’. Most of her jobs were basic solid colours, but there were episodes where she was asked to do a duo-colour, and there was that one time in the season finale where she did a three-colour job. Totally out there.

Now we have ‘Jon Files Papers!’, which is about Jon , filing papers, in an office! What will they think of next? There aren’t even any antagonists in this one. The last episode was probably the craziest one yet, and even that was mostly Jon having some excellent ideas for an office interior design. Melbourne head office was very impressed with his ideas. They agreed to hire a team to redesign the office, and Jon had some good ideas for things they could do to make the whole place more ergonomic. Thing is, he’s painfully shy and socially awkward, and he’s always running to work late with a piece of toast in his mouth. He means well and wants to make his office a better place. Anyway, the problem was eventually solved when he decided to write the ideas on a paper plane and fly them through the boss’ window, which is a little convoluted but it worked, and the office got the decorated glass cubicle walls that it truly needed.

Sometimes, after all the show about fighting space monsters and inter-dimensional portals, a simple office story line is a nice change. Wherein a quiet hero saves the day with some idea for how to conduct an efficient office fitout, it’s refreshing. I like how they develop Jon’s personality, even in the way he files papers. A good relatable character makes the show more memorable. I’ve learned a lot about office design and how to create a work space that is productive.