Office Tinting Experience

I’m the owner of a medium sized company in Melbourne and I have always made the employee experience one of my top priorities. I’m a big believer in the fact that if you work hard for your employees then they will work hard for you, which I feel has really benefited the company. Lately, a couple of my employees that work next to the windows in the office have complained about a significant amount of sun glare making it hard for them to see their screens.

Obviously this isn’t ideal for me, because if my employees are finding it hard to focus then they’re not going to be working as efficiently as they can. I’ve looked into the complaint and decided that I will arrange for an office tinting installation. Melbourne employers have a lot of competition when it comes to retaining high performing employees, and so I need to do what I can to ensure they remain under me. If this means spending a portion of our emergency savings, then so be it. 

I’ve had my accountants rework the budgets and make the specific choices on the right window glass frosting for our budget, office space and specific employee requirements, and I am really happy with what they’ve come up with.

I’m so fortunate to have such dedicated and loyal employees. I made a promise when I hired each of them that I would be just as dedicated and loyal in return. I hope the improvements I’m making to our office space helps prove this to my employees. Even though we all know that it’s in my best interest for me to treat them well, it does come from a genuine place where I hope that they feel fulfilled and happy in themselves. I’m just lucky that fostering a happy work environment increases my profit tenfold each quarter. 

Here’s to many more profitable quarters and happy employees.