Stuck Sleeping North

Sleeping in your car isn’t as bad as most people assume. It’s cheap, for one thing. For another, it’s better than living on the street. It’s nice and cosy, and I actually find the chairs more comfortable than my bed back home. Just got to look on the bright side of things, you know?

When people ask why I’m living in my car, most of them assume that it’s because my wife kicked me out. And that was true. At first. Honestly, it’s been so long now that I have no idea if she wants me back or not. I don’t even know how long it’s been any more. At this point, I can’t go back. Not because of shame, humiliation or pride, but because I need to get car repairs around Hobart. I’m not actually in Hobart, but I have a loyalty card with my mechanic there. I’m not going to pay extra for one that’s closer. The only problem is, Hobart’s on the other side of Tasmania.

It might seem stupid, like I should just use a closer auto electrician. Hobart has the best one in the state, though, and I’m due to get a free pizza with my next repair. I’ve been waiting ages for that pizza! I can’t go somewhere else now. So, I’ve just been living in my car, not really sure what to do. My wife probably thinks I ran out on her. For all I know, she never wants to see me again. I think she might have blocked my number.

This whole thing’s been so dumb. She kicked me out because I refused to get the car serviced in the first place. I’ve been waiting until it needs repairs because that’s when I get the pizza. If I get the car serviced, it won’t need to be fixed! After she kicked me out, I decided to drive all the way up north, hoping the car would start to have some issues.

I suppose I got what I wanted in the end. Just need my pizza now.