Cars On the Brain

I’ll admit, when I first moved into a place next to a busy highway, my thoughts were mixed. Rent was a lot cheaper, so that’s a triple-plus-plus. I saw the cars, I acknowledged that the cars were loud, and I thought…well, I’ll get used to it. And I’m already one-upping those losers who turned this …

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Jamaican Mud Cake

Names are just weird. Like, something sticks, and that’s that. No getting rid of it. I just had a ‘Jamaican mud cake’ from a cafe, and while it was excellent and totally worth the calories, I couldn’t help but wonder why it was called that. Then I had an image of two people with thick …

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Joys of Car Travel

Well. WELL. Now it all makes sense. All the riddles have been answered, all the Sunday morning newspaper crosswords filled in, all the thousand-piece jigsaws puzzle with inaccurate boxes and/or confusing subject matter like a picture of a pile of identical sprouts…they have been solved anyway. I know it was sneaky, but there was such …

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