Yay Wallpaper

Alright, perhaps I am not acting as much as the human as I thought. I even got a human job, where I do the human things like entering the data and interacting online. Around the time I realised that I was just doing the same thing that a computer does and had thus not transitioned into my new identity at all, I received an invitation to a class where I can LEARN to be the human person, for Earth, the 21st century, now.

I think I might be the only robot here, however; the others are from…elsewhere. It does not compute, but I have so much to learn that I do not question it.

Our latest lesson: the complimenting of the new. The new hair, the new home, the new car.

“Oh, Karen, which designer wallpaper professional did you contract to perform this task to makes your kitchen look so…pleasant? I must know. This is me registering interest!”

I was told that was too ‘robotic’. Certain people are extremely concerned with how their home looks, so I am told. It is why wallpaper changes are so very popular, because homes are a place of making memories, and kitchens are used to make food, also something that humans consume on a near-daily basis. Maybe even a daily basis. Further research is most definitely required.

We were shown pictures of homes, some before they were given a wallpapering, but were not told which was which. I could identify a difference, but my knowledge of human aesthetics is poor and I could not tell which received digital printed wallpaper and which were ‘before’ their application. Ohhhh…this is what frustration feels like. A new sensation that I’m not sure I enjoy.

Then we added in renovations and it was all too much for my circuits. I’ll certainly be spending all my downtime on studying this for the next class.