Asking For Payments

My employee is so painful. All he does is complain about his working conditions and says that he is experiencing eye strain because of the computer he uses at work. The audacity! How dare he complain about having to use a computer all day. He could very easily be doing hard labour or serving food to Karens every day. But instead, he’s got a comfortable job that pays the industry standard. Anything else he asks for just shows how entitled he is.

He told me that he’s decided to visit an optometrist near Bayside to get an eye test. I said “good for you!” in the most sarcastic way possible because I truly don’t care. What he does in his free time is none of my business. UNTIL, he asked me to pay for his appointment. He was claiming that he had to go to the optometrist because of a workplace injury i.e. eye strain, and therefore I’m the one who has to pay for it. What a joke. If he thinks he’s getting a Christmas present this year, he’s kidding himself.

Sometimes, I wish that I had hired someone else. Why did I hire someone who knew his self-worth? I’m slowly but surely making him crumble, which is good. But his self-worth does come back up every now and then, as seen the other day when he asked for me to pay for him to visit the behavioural optometrist. I am still taken aback by that. When I said no, he then asked me to at least buy him a new monitor. I almost fired him on the spot. How dare he ask for such a thing, seriously. 

Anyway, I’ve got to stop ranting about my employee. He’s not worth my energy. The only time I need to spend thinking about him is when I’m finding ways to cut costs and keep him around for minimum wage.