Prize Winning Car

I’ve never been the type to win anything. I do suppose you need to be in it to win it, in order to even stand a chance. Entering competitions has never really been my thing. I’ve tried a few times but simply found it more time consuming than rewarding. After dedicating 48 hours once to a radio competition, I vowed to never enter anything again. I mean, 48 hours? What was I thinking?

It had been four years since that radio competition debacle and in those four years, I did not have a single itch to enter another competition. That is, until six months ago. I was walking and noticed a poster in a supermarket window. There was a competition to win a beautiful 4×4 vehicle. I’ve never driven a 4×4 in my life, and frankly, I didn’t even have space in my garage to store this sort of vehicle. All I know is that I was in awe. The way this glossy black 4×4 shone in the image was truly beautiful. I honestly thought it had been airbrushed! After seeing the picture, I decided to walk down to where the car was on display. It was even more beautiful in real life. I got chatting with a 4×4 mechanic who was also there to check the vehicle out. He told me that he had also entered the competition and that a car like this was simply one that nobody should pass up. That’s when I decided to also enter. I wasn’t expecting much from my entry, but guess what? I won. I’m now the proud owner of a 4×4 that thousands of people were all trying to get their hands on.

I’ve arranged a vehicle inspection with the best mechanics in Toowoomba. The 4×4 is currently with them. Even they had to say that it’s a magnificent vehicle. Turns out one of them had entered the competition too. He was so happy to see the car drive into his workshop, but at the same time disappointed as it reminded him of what he missed out on.