Warm Home

It’s universally known just how lovely Saturday and Sunday mornings are. Especially in winter when you wake up and quickly run to the heater, and then jump back in bed whilst your house warms up. Once it’s warm, you put your dressing gown and slippers on, amble downstairs and make a delicious breakfast. Everything is good in the world, and you’re at the height of relaxation. That is… until the heater breaks.

Our heater broke during the week and it has been an icy hell ever since. My kids keep complaining about being cold which just adds to my frustration, because I’m cold too! It’s like they think I’m just purposely avoiding asking someone to come and do ducted heating repairs. In the Canberra CBD, there aren’t many technicians around who can do these sorts of repairs. I read out the error code to at least three different companies until I finally spoke to one who knew what it meant. Unfortunately for me, the technician can’t come to fix our heater until mid-way through not next week, the week after. 

That means I’ll have to go two weekends without feeling that beautiful morning bliss that I’ve come to love so much. When you have four kids, it’s the little things like that which keep you sane. Now I have nothing. Instead of enjoying my peaceful early mornings before my children wake up, I just have to lay in bed thinking about my better pre-children days. Like sunning myself in Greece with a random stranger that I had met the night before. Those were the days.

I’m glad that the person doing my heating repairs in Canberra is an expert in his field. Whilst Canberra technicians are few and far between, it’s obvious that the person I’ve chosen is going to do a good job. I just have to brave the next two or so weeks and try not to let my children get to me, and then I can live out my Saturday and Sunday morning bliss once again.