A fresh coat

I dislocated my ankle about four weeks ago so sadly I’ve been housebound this whole time. It was such a silly accident too, I slipped getting out of the bath and in the process, I dislocated my ankle. As a result, I’m stuck in my home until it heals. Let me just say one thing, it’s amazing how quickly you can get bored after days and days hopping around your home. That’s not even to mention all the home improvement I’ve identified. In one of the rooms, I noticed one of the walls had plaster flaking off. It definitely needs a plaster wall repair. It’s funny how through time houses start to fall a part, just like us! I’ve always kept the house in good condition but I suppose I have had pets and children running around so obviously things will slowly begin to run down. Unless it’s my mother’s house. My mum’s house is decades old and it is in immaculate condition. It looks better than houses that are brand new! That’s because my mum is quite full on when it comes to cleaning. She vacuums four times a day and everyone must keep a metre radius from every wall to avoid wrecking the paint.

While being housebound I have been trying to find Melbourne’s most recommended interior painter. I’ve found a few. Given I have so much spare time at  the moment I think now is the time to start getting on top of these things. Once I’m able to walk properly I’ll be too busy working, heading to the gym, catching up with friends and finding about a thousand other things to preoccupy my time. If I don’t get the paint job and plaster repair sorted now there’s no way I’ll get to it until the next time I clumsily injure myself.

My mum is so excited for me to be painting the house. She’s come over twice this week with booklets of paint samples and has been coming up with ideas to redecorate. At this stage we’re thinking about giving every room a fresh coat.