Friend’s New Mechanic

I have a very first world problem, but it’s something I hate. My friends and I are all from the suburbs but now we’re at the age where we’re moving out of our family homes. When people started moving out I expected them to move to a similar location that we already live in, but they’ve started moving into the city. Low key… how dare they?

We had such a good thing going on when we all lived around the corner from each other.  But now I have to actually make an effort to go and see them. One of my friends lives in Northcote now. Yuck. She was instant messaging me yesterday whilst she was getting a professional car service in the Northcote area, and saying how much better mechanics are over that side of town. It made me feel sick. It’s like she’s trying to prove to me how much better it is not living in the southeast, and that the north side near the city is the place to be. Does she really think that I’m going to be jealous of the car repair workshop she goes to? I literally couldn’t care less about who services her car. She’s becoming so pretentious now that she’s a north-sider. 

I don’t want to seem like she’s gotten under my skin but she kind of has. Part of me is considering getting a roadworthy certificate near me just to show her that mechanics in our area are just as good as mechanics anywhere else. But roadworthy certificates are expensive and I don’t want to have to spend money just to prove a point.

Why do people become so stuck up when they change something that they perceive is for the better? It’s genuinely rude. I don’t think my friend would be acting like this if she still lived in the suburbs with me. Like, as if anyone cares where she gets her car serviced or where she lives.