Car dramas

Has anyone else noticed that some car makes are more reliable than others while others are unreliable and cost so much to fix? I bought this really expensive high-end car a few years ago thinking it would last longer and be less likely to have any faults due to the extra money I had sunk into it but boy was I wrong! As soon as one thing went wrong with this car, everything went wrong. I first started noticing issues with the ignition and that sometimes the car just wouldn’t start, or would stall for a few miles after starting. Then there was an issue with braking. After a few more weeks I noticed the check engine light was also permanently on.

My most recent issue with this car was the transmission. I started noticing signs that my car needs a transmission service. Morayfield roads are clearly tough on cars. There was a burning smell, grinding noise, fluid leak, and the clutch felt like it was dragging. I tried to ignore these issues for a while because I thought maybe the car was just having a bad day, but over time it became clear that the car was having too many bad days. Now before any of you start doubting how well I looked after the car, I always took it for regular services yet these issues would still happen. I did some research online and apparently, it’s just what this make and model of car does. It’s known as the headache mobile.

I took this car to the mechanic. Morayfield seems to have heaps of these cars on the road so I assumed it was a very popular vehicle. As soon as the mechanic saw my car he chuckled to himself. Turns out that this car is notorious for giving hassle and every week he has had someone bring one in for repair. To top it off, this car is extremely expensive to fix. The mechanic suggested that I was better off selling the car and moving on. I may have to consider this.