Look for Solar

You know who’d be a great superhero? Power Man. Not a man who’s powerful, because we have about a million of those. No, Power Man would walk around the streets of Melbourne, covered in power. POWER. Like, portable battery packs and leads for basically every single electronic device under the sun. There would be some poor citizen whose device would be dying, and they’ll have nothing to do on the long commute home. Here comes Power Man! He lets them charge their phone on one of his power packs for a few minutes, then grapples up the side of the nearest building and is lost from sight, off to help some other poor citizen.

See, this is where industrial solar systems would really come into their own. Obviously the concept of Power Man might not go over well in today’s society, where everyone wants to see green power, green energy and people using electricity responsibility because they’re paying for it so can people just turn off the lights when they’re not in the room, seriously? So Power Man’s power would be derived mostly from a very efficient industrial solar system that he carries around with him. Not only would he exist to charge up phones and tablets that are running out of power; he’d also show everyone a better way, a greener way, a way of kindness to the planet. Power Man would be a symbol of hope and progress like all heroes should be, and soon, companies and corporations would start considering all sorts of power options. Solar power, yes, but also commercial energy storage of a much better and greener sort. Stuff with timers and energy usage settings. This will not only save money, but give Power Man a dramatic entrance. You know…provided it’s at night. And he can plan it in advance. Which he can do…because he’s Power Man. Charger of devices and hero to the power-hungry.