Joys of Car Travel

Well. WELL.

Now it all makes sense. All the riddles have been answered, all the Sunday morning newspaper crosswords filled in, all the thousand-piece jigsaws puzzle with inaccurate boxes and/or confusing subject matter like a picture of a pile of identical sprouts…they have been solved anyway.

I know it was sneaky, but there was such a big fanfare about Jayne finally completing her time device to return to the future, and it was grating on my nerves. She said that in the future, car servicing garages double as time travel stations, albeit usually only for quick five-minute trips. A certain mechanic near Bentleigh that doesn’t exist yet managed to send her a message, saying they can open a portal to take her back to her future in the 2050s. Or…2060s? Whatever. We threw her a party, and then she said that she was going to the time portal, but we couldn’t come with her because the flash of pure time energy could show us things about the future that would cause a paradox. Everyone said their weepy goodbyes, and then Jayne left for where the car servicing and time travel emporium would be in the future…and I followed her. I know, it was dirty! Also, I was risking opening myself up to having my mind destroyed by time energy. But I had to know.

Like a fool, I followed Jayne as she took the bus to Bentleigh. Auto electrical servicing garage was already there, which I found suspicious since it wasn’t supposed to exist yet. I waited for a time portal to open, and…there was none. Jayne picked up her car from its service (and she told us she couldn’t drive anything without turbo boosters and underwater capabilities!) and drove to a house in Bentleigh, where she apparently lives.

She was never a time traveller. It was a lie! She’s an ordinary person who gets car servicing in the year 2018!! Everyone must know the depth of her deception…