Window Wish

I’m playing Lizard Orb X right now. It’s all about finding magic orbs that summon a lizard who grants wishes, and I can’t help but notice that no one ever wishes for anything normal. You know – normal stuff, like lots of money or a pair of shoes that are super comfortable and never, ever wear out. No, they’re always wishing for cities to be restored after some villain blows them up with magic powers, or they’re asking the lizard to revive their friends because the villain blew them up, again with magic powers. And I get that. If you have a magical, wish-granting gecko, then you’re going to ask it for the big stuff.

But no normal person ever gathers the lizard orbs, and I think that’s a missed opportunity. If it were me, I’d probably wish for the home of my dreams, because those things are expensive. I’ve been looking at timber window installations, Melbourne, and  let me tell you – they don’t come for free. Nothing does; that would be economically impossible. Quality window materials cost money, and they take time to install.

I’m just looking at my annual budget and wondering exactly when these window projects are going to take place. Maybe not until next year, barring any surprise expenses. I’d love to get my hands on some magic orbs and wish for completion of all the stuff that needs to be done on my house. Why not? Those things are magical, after all. Now THAT would be absolutely life-changing. I wouldn’t have to pay for anything, and it’d all be done in an instant.

Although, I might have to word my wish with care. Maybe I’ll say that I want to hire a professional window replacement service. Melbourne homeowners know that you can’t be too careful with who you get to do this kind of stuff. The same goes for the bathroom renovations and the landscaping – all of it. With that caveat, I’d be happy to entrust the wish to the wise and powerful gecko.