Rejected Fisherman Proposal

I’m writing this update six months after my last one. Six months ago I had the idea of Pimp My Boat, which was a play on the classic Pimp My Ride. Over the last six months I did exactly what I said I would do: I came up with all the financials, conducted the market research within the fisherman industry and I found five fishermen who would be happy to be contestants in the first five episodes. When I went into the meeting I was feeling on top of the world, but when I left the meeting, I felt like I was drowning in the ocean.

The local TV network hated my idea. They said it was a ripoff of a program that had already been successful, and that it was way too niche for viewers to find appealing. They then had the audacity to say that the average person has no idea what marine stainless steel fabrication is. Melbourne is more of a city than a marina, I understand that. But surely people outside the marina that I spend my time at would find the TV show interesting. When the TV network laughed in my face, I got the picture that this was not the case.

After my embarrassing rejection at the network, I had to go tell my fishermen friends at the marina what had happened. They were all as equally as devastated as me, because they spent a lot of time helping me prepare for the pitch, too. A good portion of them were also going to get brand new accessories on their boats, which they will now have to pay for themselves. 

I actually do feel really bad for the boat owners. Especially the ones who own dinghies. Through this TV show one of my poorer, but lovely fisherman friends was going to get new bait boards installed in the dinghy. Instead, my friend will have to go without the bait boards until he can save up for them.