Air Conditioning Wars

We are currently at war with our landlord. He’s refusing to give us our bond back even though we have literally left the house in a better condition than we found it. When we moved in we pleaded with the landlord to fix all these things that were wrong with the house. He refused to because it was too much effort and too expensive, and he just expected us to sit around in sub-optimal living conditions for the next two years of our lease. 

Obviously, we were not okay with this. We did what we had to do and got a handyman in to fix everything at our expense. We even paid a professional technician to come in and do an air conditioning service in Melbourne, as it gets hot in the summer. We thought it was ridiculous that this was something we had to pay for ourselves, but we did it anyway. Apparently, we also did it to our own detriment.

Our landlord is furious that we made alterations to his house that he didn’t approve, and is keeping our money as punishment. I’m devastated. That money was three months rent and I was going to use it for our new place. I can’t believe how unreasonable he’s being! Does he think that we can just live without heating and cooling? Melbourne is unpredictable and anything can happen, so it was borderline cruel of him not to give us satisfactory living conditions. And now he has the audacity to punish us for fixing what he did not.

We don’t deserve to be treated like this.

I wonder if there’s some sort of legislative body that we can go to plead our case. Surely anyone in their right mind would agree that what we did was fair, and should’ve been covered by him anyway. Now he’s gotten out of making upgrades himself and is cheating us out of our money. I bet you he ups the rent for the next tenants as well because the house is in a better condition!