That’s Metal

I’m thinking about starting a new business, combining my two main passions in life. The first is heavy metal music, which has always been my favourite thing to listen to. My parents hated it, but I think, as a teenager when I got into it, that only made me love the genre even more. The other passion of mine is steel fabrication, as I loved metalwork in high school and even went on to get an apprenticeship in it. So naturally, both of those involving some sort of “metal”, I should combine them to make one business.

I think I’ll call it “That’s Metal”, and will sell steel products near Melbourne, while playing heavy metal music. I’m aware that this is a super niche concept and will drive away any potential customers who don’t like heavy metal music, but if I market it strongly enough, this could go incredibly well. I could even have some sort of museum dedicated to the best heavy metal music of all time, drawing tourists who like that sort of music. Then, while they’re there, they will buy steel products. Of course, I’ll only hire the best steel fabricators Melbourne has to offer, assuming they like heavy metal music. Sure, if you don’t like heavy metal you’ll want to stay away from the place, but if you do like heavy metal, you’ll be super interested in coming to this shop.

The thing is, I don’t really know the first thing about starting my own business. If I want to take this seriously, maybe I should go do a short course on business management. Alternatively, I could just wing it and hope for the best. That’s always been my sort of style, so I’ll probably just do that. I can’t see it going wrong at all.

So, when you need steel supplies and are in the mood for some heavy metal tunes, come on down to That’s Metal and have a great time, while getting some great supplies.