Sudden drips

I live in a double story home with my family. All our showers are upstairs and the shower in the bigger bathroom tends to be the one we use most. We don’t really use their spare bathroom as we don’t really want another shower block to regularly clean. I’ve had a few friends mention that they can’t imagine living with only one shower. In all honesty, it’s never been an issue for us. We have a decent system in place and everyone communicates with each other as to who needs the shower first. The house is slowly edging on twenty years and I am noticing a few cracks here and there. For example, the other day I was cleaning the base of the shower and noticed some of the seal was peeling off. I also noticed that there were a couple of cracks in the base. I reapplied some sealing and moved on with my day as I assumed these cracks were mere superficial issues. Later that day I was sitting in my living room which is directly under the bathroom and noticed that water started dripping from the ceiling. I started getting worried that the cracks were more serious than I initially thought. Now, I don’t know how to do a leaking shower repair, so I thought it’s best I call an expert before I make things worse.

A leaking shower is something that you should never let get out of hand. It happened to a friend of mine then eventually her whole ceiling collapsed from being internally damp. It wrecked her whole dining room and ended up costing her thousands of dollars. I refused to let this happen to me. The last thing I needed at that point, even now, is an unnecessary and unexpected bill to pay for. I had a friend who claimed he was quite handy around the house and he could do the repair, but I figured it was best I’d go with someone who knows what they’re doing. You can’t trust just anyone with bathroom renovations. Melbourne has a lot of tradies out there who are more than qualified to do the job. I have no problem hiring a stranger to do work for me, as I know that everyone needs to make a living.