Air Con

Air Conditioning Wars

We are currently at war with our landlord. He’s refusing to give us our bond back even though we have literally left the house in a better condition than we found it. When we moved in we pleaded with the landlord to fix all these things that were wrong with the house. He refused to …

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Just Install Aircon

Every night I do exactly the same thing, and it’s awesome. I come home from work, feed the cat, feed myself, settle in my armchair (with the cat) and watch shows about people buying and selling homes as a proud escapist fantasy. I don’t even care that I’ll probably never be able to afford one …

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Cooling, Very Important

Alright, this essay is going to be a cinch, and it’s all down to my genius. I have to make a case for how lacking a modern innovation caused a great civilisation to collapse, and what could be more appropriate than the Macedonian Empire being torn apart by a lack of significant cooling methods? Some …

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