We Could’ve Been Pirates

I wonder if my tutor will give me extra credit just for being unpredictable? Certainly it’ll make them look twice at my essay, which is…maybe not the best thing? But still, I hope they’re take a second glance for a reason and respect my bold choices. That’s pretty much essential, because there’s not going to …

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Drain Repair Queen

It looks like the weather being cold is causing more problems than people know how to handle. The middle of the day is generally okay, but it’s when the temperature drops below 18 or so that folks just can’t handle it. Really, having been in Melbourne recently I can’t empathise. As you might have heard, …

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Support for Grandma

I’ve never had much to do with my grandparents on either side – they either live on the other side of the world with our extended family, or they’ve passed away. To me, they’ve always been a distant entity that doesn’t warrant a great deal of thought. So it was interesting for me to hear …

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